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V.S Motor can offer the following services :

- Tuning / building of engines according to the customers wish
- Porting and flowtesting of cylinder heads
- Special design of camshafts
- Special design of intakemanifolds, exhaustmanifolds, turbos and intercoolers
- Machining / reconditioning of engines and engineparts
- Dynotesting of engines up to 3000bhp in a DTS enginedyno
- Mounting and mapping of computer fuel injection systems, all kinds (specialized on Autronic)
- Modifying of chassi and brakes
- Modifying of complete cars according to the customers wish (not bodywork and styling)
- Reconditioning / modifying gearboxes and differentials
- Mounting of NOS / Nitrous Oxide Systems
- TIG welding of aluminium, stainless and steel

- Production of special parts in mill and lathe


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